What Healthy Black Love Looks Like

I love this. So true.



Time flies

It’s been 9 years since I’ve last made a blog Post on this site. I will say alot had changed and I have grown over the years. I’m 29 now. moved back to my home state of Maryland. I will say relocating to another state takes alot of patience. Im still adjusting. Over the last 9. I’m not the free spirit blogger I used to be. I’ve changed in a way that has made me open my eyes to the real reality of life. The hurt the pain the sorrow, the lost of where in going in life and whose I will become. I guess by now I though I would have had my life together or that I would have settled down by now. Today I’ve deactivated /deleted all of my social media accounts. I feel like I used fb/IG too much. I would compare my life to others and I always wondered when my turn would come. Everything happens for a reason. Today this will be my only social media for a while. As I using this as an outlet to clear my mind. For the longest time I haven’t wrote out my feelings or how my life is. This is kinda therapeutic in a way. I will try my best to just blog everyday to keep my mind focus on myself and personal growth.

Clayton State University (new school)


Im so excited for the next fall semester cause i finally decided to transfer to another college now that i have all my requirements out the way from Fort Valley state. Clayton state is a beautiful campus in a wooded area with beautiful ponds with swans. nice dormitories too. im transferring there because the music program is what i need since im a music major. Fort Valley State didnt have an orchestra only band and i knew i wanted to practice piano but i also wanted to get back in an orchestra. since ive played the cello in high school for two in a half years. i miss it. Clayton state is not an HBCU like fort vallley it’s more diverse populated which i feel that i need to be acustom too. I feel it’s important especially in the field of music. I have such a eclectic taste for music. anyways Im ready for the new school year. I will miss my sister who will still attend fort valley again next year i did depend on her when i was there. she helped me out alot while i was at fort valley now it’s time for me to be on my own turf. and lead my own path. 🙂